Ambassadorship Program

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Volunteer Hours and a Leadership Role for High School Students!

Hello, and welcome to Eggsplain’s Ambassadorship Program! We are extremely glad to introduce you to our numerous opportunities and rewards. 

Monthly Newsletter

Every month, all ambassadors will get a newsletter style email explaining new company policies, new opportunities - as well as a shout out to that month's top ambassadors.

Ranking System

Within the Ambassador Program is a ranking system. Just like in the Eggsplain website itself - where the more notes you post, the higher ranks you can attain - Ambassadorship is very similar. More tasks completed leads to higher ranks being attained.

Deliverable System

The way Ambassadorship works is simple. Every month, you will receive some sort of assignment that you must complete to remain an ambassador. This can be anywhere from making an ad to getting members - your tasks will depend on your role.

Rewards System

Completing more tasks each month leads to attaining higher ranks. Then, you get rewarded with volunteer hours based on the amount of work you do. In addition, higher ranks also attain more volunteer hours for their services.