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Being a content writer, I love to share informative essay writing topics with students. Below is a topic that you can learn from.

Topic: Do Professors in College Really Grate Paper-Based Assignments?

"Do Professors in College actually grade papers?" I hear you ask. And the answer is yes, they grade papers. It's their job to decide what works and what doesn't so be sure to hire an essaywriterfree on google. And while they might not give out a piece of paper for a perfect essay, they will certainly have some influence on an otherwise average student.

But are they fair judges? Of course not! The professor will always have her or his own opinion of the assignment. The student has no right to question this. After all, every assignment is the Professor's "opinion" on the students' work. And this "opinion" must be shared, even if the grade on the assignment is a " failing grade."

But do Professors really grade papers for personal reasons? Of course they do. Their job is to assign the assignment and grade it based on the students' work. So whether they do grade them based on opinion or grade them on topic, you can be sure that some professors don't really care which paper gets a "B" because they want the assignment to be graded for its quality.

Now let's think about this for a second. Why does a teacher hand out a piece of paper with a grade on it to a student? Is that assignment a reflection of the students' writing abilities? Not really. And do I think that a good essay writer would hand out a poorly written essay to a student?

I sure do. As a writer, I really dislike "penalties," especially in essay writing. A perfect essay is an essay that begins, "Therefore, here, I suggest..." and ends, "Therefore, I suggest that we proceed with this thought."

It is not so much a "so what" essay as it is a "how did you do it?" essay. That is what professors really want their students to write - not how they did it. So if they are grading an assignment based on opinion instead of quality, then why give a student an A for a mediocre essay? And if a student is given a failing grade for a first-class assignment, should that student be blamed for being unable to write a "first-class" assignment?

Here's my take on the whole situation. I believe that it is incumbent upon each student to be self-evaluating. Each assignment should be taken as it comes and each student should understand that his or her grade will not be based solely on opinion. And while professors may assign grades based solely on opinion, they have no right to grade a piece of writing solely on opinion. My word for all students is: Give an opinion, but do not rely on your opinion to earn a grade! This is true for opinion pieces as well as for any assignment that you write for any college.

Finally, there is one other question that should be asked by any student who has ever been given a failing grade by their college professor. Why was that grade changed? In most cases, professors only make adjustments to grades when they feel it is justified. Perhaps the student is no longer studying or working correctly, or perhaps the student didn't properly follow the instructions. Whatever the case, by not following the grade line and making changes to your work based on your personal opinion instead of basing it strictly upon cold, hard facts does not make you a better writer - and it could have just negatively affected your grade!

As far as grades are concerned, I believe that professors give way more importance to performance in class than they do to individual students. In some sense, professors are like corporate managers. They want their workers to get a good grade, regardless of how that individual student is doing. This has caused many students to seek out help from home professors, or worse, turn to plagiarism in order to pass their courses. While this is generally frowned upon, it is a valid reason for lowering a student's mark.

If a professor changes your grade simply because he feels you aren't paying attention during class, how does he or she fair academically? Will the assignment stand or fall based upon the grades earned by others in your class? Most of the times, these grade adjustments are made without the professor ever looking at the grade sheet. Therefore, the only real way to see if your professor makes these grade changes is to look at the grade sheet - and if the grade changes are solely based on your effort during class or by someone writemyessays, then you should question why those changes were made. Professors write papers, not essays. They grade papers based on the quality of the research and understanding that they put into their assignment, not on how much they personally liked the written assignment.

It is my belief that professors are human, and even if they don't look at the grade sheet while grading my papers, they definitely have a harder time grading papers than students. Therefore, it is my opinion that they also have an easier time grading papers that are written by students. Why do I think this? Because I have seen too many students pass their papers with flying colors, only to drop them after a few weeks. Obviously, this is not a fair evaluation of the professors, but I do believe it is a valid one.



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