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Retelling a text. The most difficult task on the final interview
Today we're talking about the final interview again. We'll go over everything that concerns the retelling of a text. Let's go!

How many points can I get for the second exercise?
For the retelling of the text you can get 5 points + literacy assessment, and you can also get some bonuses for visiting the profile website which is almost 25% of the total number of points, so it is safe to say that the second task is one of the most valuable.

Task wording and timing
What do you need to do?

Retell in detail the text you have read, including a quotation in the retelling

How much time will be given?

Preparation time: 2 minutes;
Time for retelling: 3 minutes;
By the way, you will have a special notes box where you can transcribe the information.

A quote to include will be given to you; you will not have to think of anything.

Only the original text will be taken from you during the retelling, which means you will keep the draft with your notes and the quote.

Let's talk about the grading for this assignment:

Maintaining microthemes of the text when retelling.
A microtopic is the main thought in one paragraph. From this we conclude that the number of microthemes corresponds to the number of paragraphs in the source text.

If all the main microthemes of the source text are preserved, you get 2 points.

By the way, most often the number of paragraphs equals four.

Advice from Olga Chekhova use the service to help students and later rewrite not the entire text, but the main ideas from each paragraph, so that you do not lose important information, and with it the cherished points.

Important: not only should you not leave out important information, but also control that you did not add something of yourself. Even if the fact is reliable, adding microthemes is strictly forbidden.

Maintaining factual accuracy when retelling
Simply put, you can't distort facts and make factual errors.

How to avoid this? Rewrite important points on a draft (e.g.: city names, names, closet details, etc.)

If there are no factual errors related to comprehension of the text, you receive 1 point.

Working with the utterance
The given statement is included in the text during the retelling appropriately and logically - 1 point.

The fact is that the given quote does not fit to every microtheme, so its location in your retelling should be well thought out.

An interesting fact: very often quotations are conclusions of the text, which means their place is at the end of the retelling.

Ways of Quoting
You get 1 point if you don't make mistakes in the way you quote. What does this mean?

Quotations are formatted as follows:

Direct speech sentences;
The author said: "..."

Propositions with indirect speech;
The author said that ...

Sentences with introductory words;
According to the author ...

Execution algorithm
So, how should you proceed when it comes to the second task?

You are given 2 minutes to prepare, in which you should write out the micro-themes in the space for notes, it is not superfluous to use custom research paper at least two words, but necessarily about each paragraph;
Read the quote and think about where it fits. Note: you don't have to learn and rewrite it, you will have it in front of you and you can read it;
Write the details for each microtopic in the note box.
Typical Mistakes
What ninth graders get wrong the most:

Unnecessarily long pauses in speech;
Staying silent for too long!

Mispronunciation of proper names and terms;
Factual errors in retelling;
Compressed retelling instead of detailed retelling;
Missing important microthemes in the text;
Important: If you correct a mistake yourself, it will not count!

Today you have learned the most important things about the second task of the final interview - the paraphrase. Practice your memory, work your way through the exam, and you're sure to succeed!

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