Honor Code


Academic Integrity Policy


I, a member of the community at Eggsplain, agree to comply with this academic integrity policy and honor code to the fullest extent.

This academic policy consists of three parts:

Part One, Expected conduct when on the platform, including conduct amongst peers. Expected conduct also involves the use of website resources for school activities, and to what extent shared notes are used for this purpose.

Part Two, Expected consequences for violation of part one. This depends on the extent of the infraction. Minor infractions will result in warnings, but major infractions will result in suspension or possible removal from the website. Contact with the school district in question and legal action might also be considered.

Part Three, policy on teacher involvement. Our team at Eggsplain understand that teacher involvement in misuse sometimes needs to be necessary. The process of appealing to our team for action against students will be detailed in this part.


The International Center for Academic Integrity defines academic integrity as a commitment, even in the face of adversity, to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage. This means all users of our platform must:

1. Be honest about their intentions on the website

2. Build trust with their community by refusing to compromise on their ethics

3. Make sure standards of fair testing are kept by never sharing answers to national tests or olympiads

4. Respect the community by maintaining a trustworthy persona

5. Demonstrate responsibility by keeping ethical standards high

6. Have the courage to speak out against people who are going against the honor code; even if they are your friends.

With this, Eggsplain does severely condemns any attempts at cheating; successful or unsuccessful. We define “cheating” as any attempts at using documents and resources unfairly to better test scores, for yourself or someone else. An example of a more comprehensive honor code can be found at: 




With infractions, there must be consequences. Minor or first-time infractions will result in us sending out a warning notification to the infractor. More major offenses, such as cheating on school tests, will result in suspension from the platform. Big infractions, such as cheating on national exams or olympiads, will result in suspension from the platform and a dialogue between the school system. Legal Action is also a possibolity.


Contact for reporting infractions can be made by filling out the contact form in the menu.


With this, we conclude our honor code.